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Rossmann Repair Group Inc

Quick 861DW Hot Air Rework Station

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Quick Overview

The 861DW comes with three nozzles and outperforms Hakko & Weller hot air stations in interface, features, and raw heating power. This is Louis Rossmann's current pick for a hot air station regardless of price. SHIPS SAME DAY AS OF 10/02/2018 FROM NEW YORK CITY!

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    Affordable hot air without compromise. 

    Years ago, spending less than $650 on hot air meant receiving a station that lasted six months. Or, receiving a station that wasn't powerful enough to remove chipsets from multilayer areas with large ground planes. Enter 2017, where cheap hot air is powerful and accurate enough to perform sensitive jobs at a low price point; click here for an example of the Quick in action! 

    Quick, powerful heating & airflow. Solder SMCs, RAM ICs, touch ICs effortlessly.

    An FR-810 can be seen taking over TWICE the amount of time that the 861DW took to remove large chipsets from a multilayer PCB here. This station dwarfs the Hakko FR-810 and Weller WHA900 in terms of time to heat up, and overall power. I have tried cheaper stations where, after 10 minutes, it couldn't remove an ISL6259, much less a CPU MOSFET. This hot air station is powerful enough to meet most needs even when working with ICs that have a large heatsink pad soldered to a large ground plane. Further, it heats up nearly instantly after turning it on. 

    ONE CLICK temperature & air adjustments.

    Adjusting temperature or airflow on the Hakko FR-810 is worse than programming a 1985 VCR. Even the $1600+ JBC JT-A station requires multiple button taps if you want to change air vs. heat. The Quick 861DW allows you to make changes to temperature or airflow with one click of a button.

    ONE CLICK profile loading. 

    Do you have specific airflow & temperature settings you use regularly for different boards? You can store three presets and recall them with one click. The embedded oval around the buttons means you don't even have to take your eyes out of the microscope to find the buttons and click them. It is ergonomically friendly. 

    A sincere thank you from Rossmann Repair for supporting us with your purchase!

    Purchasing this station from us helps support the business that brought you over 600 component level repair videos as well as the board repair forum with thousands of publicly available answers & solutions. Thank you so much for your patronage and we sincerely hope you enjoy this station!

    Additional Information

    Compatible boards No

    Product Questions

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    I need one that works on 220 volts.
    What comes in the box?...the included items.
    Can you ship internationally? Would rather support you and your cause than some distributor.
    Is it necessary to pay extra (taxes or fees) if the product is shipped to Mexico?
    I love the streams by the way
    What is the shipping weight out the door for the 220V unit?
    Hi Louis

    I see the the 220V option isn't listed any more and assume you out of stock.

    Will you get more 220V units back in stock?
    Hello! I'm interested on a 220volt quick 861dw. I can't select 220v version on the menu. Only 120v. Do you know when it will be available?
    I don't see a 220 vac option.
    Hello. I was checking out this station. I know you sell the repayment nozzles and heating element,yet I wonder,are they oem parts? I checked quicks website and they don’t seem to have a replacement parts option. Even the 3 distributors they list.

    I’d appreciate any ideas. It would be nice to know I can get replacement parts.

    Is the 220v suitable for 50Hz (UK which is also closer to 240v) ?
    Hellow. Is ther a chance that you gonna have in stock the 220 v vesrion of 861dw any time soon??

    Thank you.
    I noticed there is an option for free shipping, but it doesn't include an ETA. How long does it take?
    Do your 220V versions of equipment still use USA plugs? Would I need a plug converter to use in my own country?

    I'm interested in this station but the only choice for voltage is 220. I would need 120, is that available?
    To make a long story short - I had ordered one of these rework stations before finding you sell them.. I was told by the seller he cancelled my order because the unit(s) are defective. Are you aware of any defect that would prompt the eBay seller to cancel an order as shown below.
    Please be clear, I am not implying that you are selling a defective product! By asking this question I am trying to determine if the eBay seller is aware of some defect that has recently shown up or if there is something else going on here. I'd appreciate your comments before I place an order.
    Here is his comment -

    New message from: hukoer (709Purple Star)
    Hi,dear customer,We are very sorry to inform you We just found the product we are in stock have some defectives before we send it out.The new product will arrive here half a month later.If you would not like to wait we will send you a full refund.Thank you very much!
    Best Regards.
    there are no option to 220 vac only 120 vac
    Does this hot air station have any warranty?
    Could I pick this up from your shop in Manhattan?
    I'd like to buy this from you to show some appreciate for the countless hours you've spent making YouTube videos that have helped so many.

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