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Rossmann Repair Group Inc

Amtech NC-559-V2-TF Tacky Flux 30CC

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Quick Overview

Purchase Louis' choice of flux for logic board repairs! Amtech 559 has a VERY long effective time before it burns away in contrast to other fluxes. This is the real deal straight from Amtech.
Expires Jan 30th 2020.


Amtech NC-559-V2-TF is Louis' choice of flux for most logic board repairs.

Flux is what allows solder to flow. If you've created a bridge, need to solder a jumper in a small area, or are reflowing a chip to try and remove corrosion - good flux will make your life easier.

In most of my repair videos, I am using Amtech NC-559-V2. 

Long expiry date if purchased from Jan 30th!

Our current supply expires on Jan 30th, 2020!

Amtech's NC-559-V2 flux has many benefits over other brands. 

  • Longer effective time before burning away
  • Easier to clean than other tacky fluxes once it burns away
  • Lasts longer if not stored properly/cap is not put back on




Amtech flux is sold from Deep River, Connecticut and made in the USA. So STOP BUYING IT FROM ASIA!!

I see many people buying this on Amazon or eBay from Chinese companies selling cheaper flux. Repair technicians know most of their parts come from China, so they figure they are getting a better deal by avoiding a middleman. They are missing one important point: Inventec, Amtech's parent company, is LOCATED IN DEEP RIVER, CT!!! Inventec/Amtech DO NOT sell on Amazon and eBay!

When you buy Amtech products on eBay or Amazon, you are buying rebranded Vaseline. 

Best case scenario they are repackaging some other company's flux and selling it to you as Amtech. It won't work well, but at least it is flux. Worst case scenario they are putting oatmeal or vaseline in a container and calling it Amtech. These sellers get away with it, because most technicians ordering Amtech flux from eBay or Amazon are new to the craft and unsure how it is supposed to perform. They lack the experience to realize they have been scammed!

Why is there such a market for Amtech flux on Amazon and eBay?

There is a booming market for knockoff Amtech flux on eBay & Amazon because Amtech themselves are not the best at distributing their products to the end user.

Inventec/Amtech are a great company. Unfortunately, their distribution methods are behind the times. If you want to purchase Amtech flux, the process is as follows.

  1. Call Amtech.
  2. E-mail Amtech. 
  3. Fill out CC authorization form.
  4. Fax CC authorization form.
  5. Fax purchase order, with minimum purchase sitting somewhere around $150. 
  6. Await delivery.

It is 2018. We are used to Googling a product, clicking a button, our card being charged, and it arriving in a few business days. No one faxes POs or makes orders over the phone anymore, yet this is what is required to buy Amtech products. 

This is a very inconvenient way to purchase flux. Very few people even know they can just call Amtech to buy original flux, it doesn't occur to them, so they search Amazon & eBay and buy the junk. Even if it does occur to you to do this, it is a pain in the ass. Again - who wants to fax anything? Just take my money and ship my stuff!

We make it convenient.

Just buy a syringe and use it. One syringe will last you a very long time if you are efficient at using this stuff. I know we've grossed over $10,000 in repairs before I finish one syringe. 

If you absolutely want to save money and don't mind buying a bunch of flux, you will save money buying from Amtech directly. If you don't want to deal with minimum purchase amounts and just want to get to work, hit add to cart. 

Additional Information

Compatible boards Everything!

Product Questions

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Do you ship to Singapore?
Hi, how much the costs to delivery in Brazil?
Hello! I would like to order from your web store this item amtech NC-559-V2-TF Tacky Flux 30CC. When it will be available to order?
I ordered this
Looks like original, what you think?
Louis, do you have this to sell on you physical store?
Hi!How much does it cost to ship all the way to Romania?
Hi, does this flux actually go bad after the expiry date, or is it more of a recommendation? As a hobbyist, it would probably take me a couple years to go through 30CC of the stuff; I have zero chance of using it up in a few months.
Is this RMA or RA flux?
What size is the Syringe is it the 30cc variant or the 10cc? I know the picture shows a 30cc syringe but just want to make sure.
Hi Louis,
any idea when this will be back in stock?
Best regards from Luxembourg
Hi.. do you ship to South Africa? and what is the shipping costs?
Hi Louis,
any chance for a newer batch? This one expires in less than 3 months. I wouldn't be able to use it all up, even if I was soldering 24/7. :)

Hello Sir,

Are you shipping to Poland?
Hello is this flux still expires on May 2019? if so, when will you restock it?
Hello sir
I need amtech 559 flux can u ship to india
Dear Sir / Ms,

What is the shipment cost to Singapore if I order 4 tubes from your company.

Thanks you.
KH Poh
Hi, what about shipping to Bulgaria? I would like to buy 2 or 3 pieces. USPS carrier maybe? DHL or UPS will be very expensive. Thanks, have a great day!
What cheaper flux brand would you recomend to hobbyist ? Shipping to Europe is preferred
Hi, can you ship to Buenos Aires - Argentina? Cheers.
Are you supposed to remove the white cap from the tube?
hi ilke to buy
how much the costs to delivery in philipines
Hi, please let me know the quantity of flux syringe is carrying since advertisement is not clear about it.
Are you shipping to Morocco?
Does this flux need to be refrigerated?

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