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Rossmann Repair Group Inc

F9700 F7700 Macbook backlight fuse 0603

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Quick Overview

Backlight fuse, 0603 in size.
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    This is the backlight fuse for most Macbooks from 2011 and onward: it is 0603 in size. This blows if the LCD screen, LCD screen cable, or LCD connector short to ground. This most commonly blows from a tech fucking up, so if you're buying this too often you might have to fire somebody. 5 included in each package. Some are green, some brown, some white, some blue - color does not matter.

    Macbook Airs made before 2010, and Macbook Pros/White Macbooks made before 2011 may use a different fuse - please ensure yours uses a 0603 size fuse! We have only inserted this product into categories for the boards it fits into, and have a list of boards it fits into: see compatible boards below.


    Additional Information

    Compatible boards 820-2838 820-3023 820-00165 820-3209 820-3437 820-3662 820-3787 820-2796 820-3024 820-3208 820-3435 820-00164 820-3476 820-3536 820-4924 820-3462 820-3330 820-2915 820-2914 820-3115 820-2936

    Product Questions

    Can you confirm the is the correct fuse size for the 1466A Motherboard.