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Rossmann Repair Group Inc

Amtech Syntech solder paste SN63/PB37 35 gram syringe

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Purchase Louis' choice of solder paste for logic board repairs! Amtech Syntech solder paste is much more convenient than using 0.25mm balls. This is the real deal straight from Amtech.
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    Amtech Syntech Sn63/Pb37 solder paste is Louis' choice of solder paste for most logic board repairs.

    Solder paste can be used in place of balls for reballing chipsets. I personally can't stand working with 0.25mm-0.3mm balls. They combine to form larger balls, they jump out of the holes, two balls will go in one hole. It's just miserable. Solder paste allows you to make your OWN balls that fit and just work.

    Amtech's Syntech Sn63/Pb37 solder paste has many benefits over other brands. 

    • Not as "hyperactive" - doesn't jump around.
    • Easier to work with.
    • Lasts longer if not stored properly/cap is not put back on.




    Amtech solder paste is sold from Deep River, Connecticut and made in the USA. So STOP BUYING IT FROM ASIA!!

    I see many people buying this on Amazon or eBay from Chinese companies selling cheaper solder paste. Repair technicians know most of their parts come from China, so they figure they are getting a better deal by avoiding a middleman. They are missing one important point: Inventec, Amtech's parent company, is LOCATED IN DEEP RIVER, CT!!! Inventec/Amtech DO NOT sell on Amazon and eBay!

    When you buy Amtech products on eBay or Amazon, you are buying rebranded Vaseline. 

    Best case scenario they are repackaging some other company's solder paste and selling it to you as Amtech. It won't work well, but at least it is solder paste. Worst case scenario they are putting oatmeal or vaseline in a container and calling it Amtech. These sellers get away with it, because most technicians ordering Amtech solder paste from eBay or Amazon are new to the craft and unsure how it is supposed to perform. They lack the experience to realize they have been scammed!

    Why is there such a market for counterfeit Amtech products on Amazon and eBay?

    There is a booming market for knockoff Amtech products on eBay & Amazon because Amtech themselves are not the best at distributing their products to the end user.

    Inventec/Amtech are a great company. Unfortunately, their distribution methods are behind the times. If you want to purchase Amtech solder paste, the process is as follows.

    1. Call Amtech.
    2. E-mail Amtech. 
    3. Fill out CC authorization form.
    4. Fax CC authorization form.
    5. Fax purchase order, with minimum purchase sitting somewhere around $150. 
    6. Await delivery.

    It is 2015. We are used to Googling a product, clicking a button, our card being charged, and it arriving in a few business days. No one faxes POs or makes orders over the phone anymore, yet this is what is required to buy Amtech products. 

    This is a very inconvenient way to purchase anything. Very few people even know they can just call Amtech to buy original solder paste, it doesn't occur to them, so they search Amazon & eBay and buy the junk. Even if it does occur to you to do this, it is a pain in the ass. Again - who wants to fax anything? Just take my money and ship my stuff!

    We make it convenient.

    Just buy a syringe and use it. One syringe will last you a very long time if you are efficient at using this stuff. I know we've grossed over $10,000 in repairs before I finish one syringe. 

    If you absolutely want to save money and don't mind buying a bunch of solder paste, you will save money buying from Amtech directly. If you don't want to deal with minimum purchase amounts and just want to get to work, hit add to cart. 

    Additional Information

    Compatible boards No

    Product Questions

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    What is the maximum ball size you've done or can make a safe guess would work using paste versus balls?
    Thank you!

    Would rather buy from you; but just want to make sure it's not been sitting in a hot warehouse for a year. I know this has a shelf life, and refridgerating extends it; but how current is your dates on the product? I use the stuff daily, but it still lasts quite a while.

    This may be a stupid question, but what are the differences in use between this solder paste and the flux you recommend? What circumstances would require the paste vs the flux or vice versa? Thanks in advance!
    I have been using Amtech 4300 SN63/Pb37 for many years for rework and building prototype pcbs. I am happy with that product except that it expires long before I have used even 1/3 of it. I like that it is washable.
    So my question is how does the Syntech compare as far as washability . Also what oven profiles do you have for it? If not washable how do you remove unwanted solder balls? Do you have any reviews of the product?
    Finally do you sell the Amtech 4300. The only place I can find it has a minimum order of 2 X 35 grams which means I never use the 2nd 35 gram because it expires long before I run out of the 1st lot.

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