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Rossmann Repair Group Inc

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3M 300LSE 10mm Double Sided Tape Adhesive Roll

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Quick Overview

3M tape for iPad/Macbook screen repairs, 10mm width.
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    We use this double sided tape to reattach Macbook Air bezels.

    It's pretty thick, you can use it for other things, but this is what we use it for mostly due to its thickness. This adhesive can be used for many repairs. This is the large size, 10mm width.

    This is very long. You can use this for many repair jobs. How many depends on what you are fixing and how much you use, but it lasts.

    This is the good stuff!

    There are many different types of double sided tape being sold for repair of Apple products. Keep in mind that there are different grades. This is good stuff. Keep in mind that when you put this on, you never have to worry about the customer coming back and saying that the glass or bezel is peeling off(unless you have royally F'd up the repair). This does NOT come off easily.

    Additional Information

    Compatible boards No

    Product Questions

    Me again,

    Sorry if I've asked the same question in triplicate, not sure what I've hit send on and haven't. I think what I want to know is if the tape you are offering on your site is the 3m 300LSE 9671LE (0.058mm) or 300LSE 9672LE (0.13mm). I apologise for wasting your time. My reference and cause for confusion ( if you are interested, but I'd advise just moving on to something that will make you money, is pp24 of the PDF below).

    Kind Regards,

    Lucas McLaren.

    PS Are those Hot Air Stations in stock yet?

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